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Texas Farm Box

About Texas Farm Box

Texas Farm Box is a unique way to have fresh and farm-fresh meats, produce, dairy, and more delivered to your door. Many are familiar with CSAs, and many are familiar with subscription food services.

But....what if you mixed the two? What if one website curated many different boxes from many different farms and resources?

That is the idea behind Texas Farm Box. We aren’t a CSA. We’re something more.

Each subscription box comes from a different farm or resource. The combinations may seem a little unorthodox at first, but know that the reason behind each box is that each farm is providing to you what they know they can reliably offer year-round (or as close to it as possible).

So instead of hunting for multiple CSAs for different products, we are a one-stop-shop for the best in farm-fresh foods that Texas has to offer.

More farms and resources will be added as soon as possible.


The latest info will always be right here online or on our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/texasfarmbox


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When ordering from locally sourced farms, dairies, etc., you are not only supporting local and eating great food, but you are also joining a community.

Just like any good neighbor, you need to be prepared to adjust as things change. Quantities of available stock, weather, logistics, and any number of things can affect either the products received, the amount of product, or the delivery.

Farms, dairies, etc. must deal with a ton of factors that are sometimes out of their control. Thus, they are out of the control of Texas Farm Box and you the subscriber.

By subscribing to a Texas Farm Box, you are agreeing to be flexible and understand the fact that things change, and they change fast and with little warning.

Fresh Organic Vegetables

My husband and I have received our first box, and we’ll be doing the xl variety box, the food is fantastic. Chris is awesome. Already texting friends and sending pictures of what we got today. Hopefully more people will join!


Just got our first box delivered earlier today, and my wife and I are extremely happy with it, and the service. Thanks for the great food, it is hard to find really good produce at the stores, and all the stuff in my box was so fresh and good. Thanks again.