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Beaver Box

Beaver Box Description

Choose your own or we can pick for you!


This box will change routinely. It will ship with at least 5 different snacks, including anything from:


Beaver Nuggets, chips, pork rinds, candy, nuts, salsas, jams, jerky, cookies, brownies, and more!


If we can make more than 5 items work for the box, we will.


If you want to choose your own 5, email us your preferences to contact@texasfarmbox.com


Simply let us know (for example): 1- Beaver nuggets 2- jerky 3- salsa 4- jam 5- candy


Please be as specific with what you want as possible.

If the item you want is not available, we will either double another item or pick something for you.


This box ships every Friday!


We are not affiliated with Buc-ee's in any way, shape, or form.