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Texas Farm Box

For each delivery, we will curate a box of local foods. Shipped right to your door. A selection of seasonal fruits, vegetables, milk, honey, chicken, beef, pork, and more, directly from fresh food resources and sustainable local farmers.


What share size should I get for my family?


Unlike a traditional CSA, our shares include produce plus a wide variety of other farm grocery products like milk, honey, chicken, beef, pork, and more. With that in mind, a share represents more of your overall grocery needs than just produce. Perhaps the easiest way to think about "how large" each share size will be is to simply consider the value of the food you want to plan to spend toward local foods groceries each week/delivery. If a $129 box of groceries sounds about like what you would plan to spend on farm goods--say if you went to a farmers market--then that might be a good size for you. It is difficult to say how many items or how many pounds will be in a given share size because it just depends on what is in season and what is available.

Texas Farm Box

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